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What's On Where at London 2012

Sophie Wallace


Sophie Wallace

26th July 2012

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What makes the Olympics in London so different from any Olympics before is its use of the whole city throughout the Games. No spectators in central London will ever be more than 30 minutes away from an Olympic venue, with some of the capital's most iconic landmarks acting as a backdrop for the greatest show on earth. Most events will take place at the ground-breaking 2.5sq km Olympic Park in Stratford, a mere seven minutes away from the city centre by Olympic Javelin train. Other events will be scattered around in all directions at key venues a short journey from the center of town. 9.6 million tickets have been issued for the Olympics but the major ticket will be London itself, with the capital set to come alive throughout the summer.

Olympic Stadium Olympic Stadium

Location: In the south of the Olympic Park, opposite the Aquatics Centre
Capacity: 80,000
Sports: Olympic Athletics (3-11 Aug), Paralympic Athletics (31 Aug - 9 Sep)
Events: Olympic Opening Ceremony (27 Jul), Olympic Closing Ceremony (12 Aug), Paralympic
Opening Ceremony (29 Aug), Paralympic Closing Ceremony (9 Sep)
Fact: Made from a quarter of the steel used to build the Bird's Nest in Beijing 2008

Basketball Arena Basketball Arena

Location: North of Olympic Park between the Velodrome and Athletes' Village
Capacity: 12,000 (10,000 during Paralympics)
Sports: Basketball (28 Jul - 7 Aug), Handball Finals (8-12 Aug), Wheelchair Basketball(30 Aug - 8 Sep), Wheelchair Rugby(5-9 Sep)
Fact: One of the largest temporary venues built for any Olympics

Eton Manor Eton Manor

Location: Olympic Park
Capacity: 10,500
Sports: Paralympic Wheelchair Tennis (1-8 Sep)
Fact: Venue houses training pools for Olympic and Paralympic aquatic athletes

Royal Artillery Barracks Royal Artillery Barracks

Location: On the edge of Woolwich Common in south-east London
Capacity: 7,500
Sports: Shooting (28 Jul - 6 Aug), Paralympic Shooting (30 Aug - 6 Sep), Paralympic Archery (30 Aug - 5 Sep)

Lord's Cricket Ground Lord's Cricket Ground

Location: North-west London near Regent's Park
Capacity: 6,500
Sports: Archery (27 Jul - 3 Aug)

All England Lawn Tennis Club All England Lawn Tennis Club

Location: Wimbledon, south-west London
Capacity: 30,000 (Centre Court, Courts No.1 & No.2)
Sports: Tennis (28 Jul - 5 Aug)

Lee Valley White Water Centre Lee Valley White Water Centre

Location: 20 miles north of London
Capacity: 12,000 (temporary seating)
Sports: Canoe Slalom (29 Jul - 2 Aug)

Aquatics Centre Aquatics Centre

Location: Opposite main entrance to the Olympic Park
Capacity: 17,500
Sports: Swimming (28 Jul - 10 Aug), Diving (29 Jul - 11 Aug), Synchronised Swimming (5-10 Aug), Modern Pentathlon Swimming (11 Aug), Synchronised Swimming (5-10 Aug), Paralympic Swimming (30 Aug - 8 Sep)
Fact: The pool is covered by 180,000 tiles and the roof has a longer single span than Heathrow Terminal 5

Velodrome Velodrome

Location: In the north of the Olympic Park
Capacity: 6,000
Sports: Olympic Track Cycling (2-7 Aug), Paralympic Track Cycling (31 Aug - 2 Sep)
Fact: The 'Pringle' is the most sustainable venue in the Olympic Park

North Greenwich Arena North Greenwich Arena

Location: Tip of Greenwich peninsula, south-east London River Zone
Capacity: 20,000 (Basketball), 16,500 (Gymnastics)
Sports: Artistic Gymnastics (28 Jul - 7 Aug), Gymnastics - Trampoline (3-4 Aug), Basketball (8-12 Aug), Wheelchair Basketball (30 Aug - 8 Sep)

Earls Court Earls Court

Location: West London
Capacity: 15,000
Sports: Volleyball (28 Jul - 12 Aug)

The Mall The Mall

Location: Central London
Capacity: Standing, temporary seating
Sports: Athletics - Marathon (5 & 12 Aug), Athletics - Race Walk (4 & 11 Aug), Road Cycling (28-29 Jul), Paralympic Athletics - Marathon (9 Sep)

Hampton Court Palace Hampton Court Palace

Location: 12 miles south west of Central London
Capacity: Standing
Sports: Cycling - Time Trial (1 Aug)

Box Hill
Box Hill

Location: North Downs of the Surrey Hills, 20 miles south of London
Capacity: Standing and temporary seating on summit
Sports: Cycling - Road Race (28-29 Jul)

Water Polo Arena Water Polo Arena

Location: South-east corner of Olympic Park, opposite Aquatics Centre
Capacity: 5,000
Sports: Water Polo (29 Jul - 12 Aug)
Fact: Circular lights on the exterior of the temporary venue change colour

BMX Track BMX Track

Location: Alongside the Velodrome in the north of the Olympic Park
Capacity: 6,000 (temporary)
Sports: BMX Cycling (8-10 Aug)
Fact: Track to be redeveloped as part of a new VeloPark after the Games

ExCeL Exhibition Centre ExCeL Exhibition Centre

Location: Near London City Airport and Royal Victoria Dock, south-east London River Zone
Capacity: Four sports halls with capacities from 6,000 to 10,000
Sports: Judo (28 Jul - 3 Aug), Fencing (28 Jul - 5 Aug), Weightlifting (28 Jul - 5 Aug), Table Tennis (28 Jul - 8 Aug), Boxing (28 Jul - 12 Aug), Taekwondo (8-11 Aug), Wrestling (5-12 Aug), Paralympic Judo (30 Aug - 1 Sep), Paralympic Powerlifting (30 Aug - 5 Sep), Paralympic Table (30 Aug - 3 Sep), Boccia (2-8 Sep), Sitting Volleyball (30 Aug - 8 Sep), Wheelchair Fencing (4-8 Sep)

Hyde Park & Serpentine Hyde Park & Serpentine

Location: Central London
Capacity: 3,000 (temporary)
Sports: Triathlon (4 & 7 Aug), Marathon Swimming (9 & 10 Aug)

Wembley Stadium Wembley Stadium

Location: North-West London
Capacity: 90,000
Sports: Football (29 Jul - 11 Aug)

Eton Dorney Eton Dorney

Location: Near Windsor Castle, 25 miles west of London
Capacity: 30,000 (standing and seated)
Sports: Rowing (28 Jul - 4 Aug), Canoe Sprint (6-11 Aug), Paralympic Rowing (31 Aug - 2 Sep)

Weymouth & Portland Weymouth & Portland

Location: In Dorset on England's South Coast
Capacity: 17,400 (standing only)
Sports: Sailing (29 Jul - 11 Aug), Paralympic Sailing (1-6 Sep)

Copper Box Copper Box

Location: In the west of the Olympic Park below the Media Centre
Capacity: 7,000
Sports: Handball (28 Jul - 7 Aug), Modern Pentathlon Fencing (11-12 Aug), Paralympic Goalball (30 Aug - 7 Sep)
Fact: Rainwater collected from the roof will be used to flush lavatories

Riverbank Arena Riverbank Arena

Location: North of the Olympic Park next to the Media Centre
Capacity: 16,000
Sports: Hockey (29 Jul - 11 Aug), Paralympic Football 5-a-side (31 Aug - 8 Sep)Paralympic Football 7-a-side (1-9 Sep)
Fact: Pitches are pink and blue - and not the usual Olympic green

Greenwich Park Greenwich Park

Location: South-east London on banks of Thames
Capacity: 23,000
Sports: Olympic Equestrian (28 Jul - 9 Aug), Modern Pentathlon (11-12 Aug), Paralympic Equestrian (30 Aug - 4 Sep)

Horse Guards Parade Horse Guards Parade

Location: Central London
Capacity: 15,000
Sports: Beach Volleyball (28 Jul - 9 Aug)

Wembley Arena Wembley Arena

Location: North-west London, 6 miles from city centre
Capacity: 6,000
Sports: Badminton (28 Jul - 5 Aug), Rhythmic Gymnastics (9-12 Aug)

Hadleigh Farm Hadleigh Farm

Location: 35 miles east of London
Capacity: 20,000 (3,000 in temporary grandstand)
Sports: Cycling - Mountain Bike (11-12 Aug)

Brands Hatch Brands Hatch

Location: 20 miles east of London
Capacity: TBC
Sports: Paralympic Road Cycling (5-8 Sep)

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