The most sustainable venue in the whole Olympic Park, the Velodrome boasts a 100% naturally ventilated system to create the perfect track-level temperature and to eliminate the need for air conditioning; its track is made of sustainable Siberian pine wood; external cladding is made from lightweight materials to keep transport and manufacture emissions low; the venue uses as much natural light as possible, reducing the need for electric light; the roof even catches rainwater for recycling. But all these environmental benefits have not been created at any aesthetic expense: the slick 6,000-capacity Velodrome, shaped rather like a giant Pringle crisp, is a stunning architectural feat - and got the approval of Sir Chris Hoy (one of Team GB's Beijing 2008 heroes) right from the outset. A concrete lower tier will have 3,500 seats located around the track, while a further 2,500 seats will be suspended in two upper tiers within the two curves of the venue's roof. A ground-level glass wall between both levels will afford 360-degree views of East London across the Olympic Park - and allow people outside the venue to glimpse what's going on inside. After the Games, the Velodrome - which was completed in February 2011 at a cost of 93m and hosts the Paralympic track cycling events - will be the centre-piece of the new VeloPark, which will include the neighbouring redeveloped BMX Track and be owned, funded and run by the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority.