Olympic Facts & Figures

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Olympic Facts & Figures

Beijing 2008 Paralympics Opening Ceremony

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Olympic Facts & Figures
1908 and 1948 Olympics Posters
London 2012 Olympic medals, designed by British artist David Watkins
The Olympic Stadium, with London's skyline in the backgrond
Lord Sebastien Coe holds the Olympic Torch in front of the Olympic Rings at St Pancras
London Olympics International Broadcast/Main Press Centre
Beach volleyball at Horse Guards Parade
Boris Johnson alongside the Olympic Javelin Train
Olympic Rings at Tower Bridge
The Olympic Rings lit at 183 metres on top of Tower 42
A packed No. 1 Court at Wimbledon
The Mall
The transformation of Horse Guards Parade into a beach volleyball facility


Put on your Olympic thinking caps and pay attention here are a few things you may not have known about London 2012.

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The Games


3 Number of times the Olympics have come to London (1908, 1948, 2012)
Olympic athletes competing for 205 nations
Paralympic athletes competing for 165 nations
Olympic events over 19 days
Paralympic events over 11 days
Inspirational people carrying the flame across the country in the Olympic Torch Relay, on a 70-day journey through more than 1,000 cities, towns and villages
Number of separate flames that will be lit for the Paralympic Torch Relay - in London, Greater Belfast, Edinburgh and Cardiff


The Venues


32 Olympic sports venues
700,000 (approx) Total capacity for all venues
80,000 Capacity of the Olympic Stadium, including 25,000 permanent seats
It is the lightest Olympic Stadium ever built
2,500 Tonnes of steel tubing recycled from old gas pipelines used for Stadium's roof
532 Number of floodlights housed in 14 towers around the Stadium roof
12,000 sqm Size of the roof of the Aquatics Centre (one and a half times bigger than the football pitch at Wembley)
More than 800,000 tiles used in the Aquatics Centre
17 km Total length of steel cables used to cover the Velodrome (twice the height of Mount Everest)


The Events


9.6 million tickets for sale (8m for Olympics, 1.6m for Paralympics)
support vehicles out on the course during the Cycling Road Races The water temperature in the swimming pool must be 27 degrees celsius, plus or minus one degree
Esther Vergeer of the Netherlands is unbeaten in more than 420 matches in wheelchair tennis, one of the longest winning streaks in any sport
The ExCeL Centre hosts a huge 165 Olympic events, second only to the Olympic Stadium, which hosts 208 Olympic events
Equestrian is the only Olympic sport in which men and women compete against each other on equal terms
The Canoe Sprint 200m race will make its Olympic debut in London 2012


The Equipment


510 adjustable hurdles used throughout the Games
basketballs, 800 water polo balls and 2,400 footballs
discs for the Weightlifting competition
pairs of boxing gloves to be worn
clay shotgun targets
sets of Paralympic blackout goggles and eyeshades
gate poles for the Canoe Slalom


The Olympic Park


587 Size of the Olympic Park in acres (2.5 sqkm)
Over 200
Number of buildings that had to be demolished to accommodate the new site
Number of new bridges being built within the Olympic Park
Number of wetland plants in Olympic Park's Urban River and Wetland Area
Number of trees to be planted in the Olympic Park (plus a further 2,000 on the Olympic Village site)
Hectares of open space
Number of beds in the Olympic Village
Percentage of construction waste that has been reused, recycled or recovered


Money Talks


625m Amount Londoners will contribute to the Olympic and Paralympic Games
Estimated amount of revenue the Olympics will generate for the British economy
Estimated revenue generated by tourists during the London 2012 Olympics
Cost of Olympic Stadium (revised from 280m)
Cost of Aquatics Centre (revised from 74m)
Cost of specially-designed titanium chairs used by top wheelchair basketball players




4bn Estimated global audience for the opening ceremony on 27 July 2012
accredited media
Media centre is the size of 6 football pitches
Total workforce needed for the London Games, including paid workers, volunteers and contractors
Number of people from the UK construction industry needed
Estimated new homes available to East Londoners after Games, 3,600 of which to come from the Olympic Village site
Time in minutes to get from Kings Cross in central London to Olympic Park on the Javelin high-speed train service, designed to carry 320,000 people per hour
The London 2012 Olympic gold medal is made up of 92.5% silver, 1.34% gold and the remainder copper
The silver medal is made up of 92.5% silver, with the remainder copper
The bronze medal is made up of 97% copper, 2.5% zinc and 0.5% tin

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