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Tour Guide and CarThe Grosvenor Guide Service was started in 1966, which makes it one of the oldest driver-guiding services in the United Kingdom. It was set up with a commitment to a high quality of service which has set the standard for driver-guiding for the industry, and now includes other types of transport, for example walking.

Want to see the sights, but organised to suit you? Grosvenor Guide Services are ideal for your small party (1-7), at your pace, focusing on your interest and in congenial company. Whether it is just half a day, a day or a week or two. For the discerning visitor we offer a cultured, friendly and knowledgeable driver-guide, and as a team will take care of everything.

Beefeater SCL from DeBary, Florida says - "We used every available minute until midnight each night, and because of (the guide's) wise and expert advice and expertise we were able to plan each day section by section to get in as much as possible".

Big Ben Our team of guides has been selected from UK’s premier professional guiding association, London Tourist Board’s Registered ‘Blue Badge’ and Driver Guides, qualified after extensive training and testing. But we go further, and look for those indefinable qualities of personality and character that make all the difference on a long (and short) trip. Knowledgeable in history, culture and art, proficient in relevant languages, professional and experienced, but most of all agreeable to be with, that is the hallmark of a GGS guide.

Tours in Britain include:

A Day in London

Day Trips around London

Day Trips from London

Touring England, Scotland or Wales

Touring Ireland

Corporate and Incentive Programmes

Grosvenor Guide Services Ltd
60 Cloncurry Street
London SW6 6DU
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7384 1656
Fax: +44 (0)20 7736 4470
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