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Full-screen draggable map

Find the perfect hotel as you move effortlessly around the full screen London hotel map on LondonTown.com.

Live hotel availability and rates

Hotels plotted on the map connect directly to each hotel's reservation systems to ensure accurate rates and availability.

When and where are you staying?

Choose the dates of your stay and explore London with the LondonTown.com hotel map. Hotel availability, best available rates and brilliant special offers appear dynamically as you drag the map. The map connects in real time to the booking system of every hotel, so your information is 100% accurate.

Local theatre, concerts and exhibitions

Along with hotel information, you can also make your hotel selection by viewing local entertainment and exhibition venues with, once again, live availability and ticket prices for events at those venues.

Fine dining

Want to find a great restaurant near your hotel? The LondonTown.com hotel map shows you the location of all the best places in the area to eat and drink.


Unlike a guidebook, the LondonTown.com hotel map displays all events that will be on during your stay, from fine art and theatre to live music and clubbing.

Event Organisers

You can create your own bespoke HotelMap and help guests choose accommodation close to your event. Earn money with each hotel booking. Full details
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to find out how each and every product and service
that they booked lived up to expectation. Products
that fail to satisfy are automatically removed from
LondonTown.com ensuring a portfolio of products
that consistently lives up to or exceeds expectation.
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