London Pass Money Back Guarantee Information

Money Back Guarantee

The London Pass Money Back Guarantee gives you the comfort of knowing that should you be unable to use your London Pass, you will receive a full refund with no questions asked.

When you purchase your London Pass online, you will be given the option to insure the passes for a charge of just 4.5% of the total order value.

The Money Back Guarantee gives you an extra level of protection should you not use your pass for any reason.

The London Pass is non-refundable, so unless Money Back Guarantee is purchased refunds cannot be offered for non-use of a London Pass nor for any misunderstandings such as how the pass works or what it covers. Please ensure you read the London Pass terms and conditions prior to purchase for full details.

How Do I Claim?

Should you need to claim on your Money Back Guarantee, simply email with your full name, your London Pass order reference number and details of your request

Your claim will be processed within five working days by either refunding your order value to your credit card or issuing a replacement London Pass.

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